Features and Benefits

Compact Size with Vertical or Horizontal Construction
ThermaFlo TH-750V Units fit through 30” standard doorways and take up less than 4 sq ft of floor space. All units are designed so that the tube bundle can be removed from the bottom for ease of maintenance, unlike other manufacturers. Consult your ThermaFlo Representative for a system with special dimension considerations. We can design for your application and space.

Mass Flow Temperature Control and Energy Savings
The JVV Electronic Segmented V type control valve is controlled from the digital PID microprocessor controller and controls not only the steam pressure into the tube bundle but also the volume or mass density of the steam providing a precise control of outlet hot water over a 100:1 flow range. This feature allows high-pressure steam (130 psi max standard) to be piped directly to the control valve inlet and controlled at a max bundle pressure of 10 psi simultaneously eliminating in many cases expensive steam pressure reducing stations, and large piping systems.

Construction and Safety
A “Quality ASME Stamped Product” in a complete factory engineered product with NO field erector set for simple field installation. Safety with Hot Water is important to us at ThermaFlo, that is why every heater comes standard with a double safety shutdown system that is factory tested before shipment. 20 Year Guarantee Available. Over 1000 installations in service.

TH-750V Steam Fired Water Heater

The ThermaFlo TH-750V Steam Fired Water Heater is designed for years of trouble free hot water on demand. These high-quality packages are factory tested before shipment to ensure quick “Fit and Forget” startups and installation. Factory packaging and complete testing and electronic programming keep contractor and customer installation time to a minimum. Their simple compact design allows them to be installed in tight spaces and replace those old over-sized hot water storage tanks. All sizes fit thru a 30″ doorway.

The ThermaFlo TH-750V Steam Fired Water Heater utilizes the ThermaFlo exclusive “JVV Segmented V High Speed Electronic” steam control valve with “Thermall” soft seat to provide exceptional 100:1 turndown plus control over high and low water flow demand changes. The “Seals like Rubber – Wears like Hardened Steel” seat shuts off steam dead tight on long standby type loads and no demand periods like no other!

Product Literature and Submittals

Consult factory for certified dimensions and construction submittal, the drawings on the website are for reference only.

All ThermaFlo TH-750V Steam Fired Water Heater subcool condensate by design eliminating wasted flash steam to atmosphere. All TH-750 heaters can be selected with the ThermaFlo exclusive “Vacuflo” option that not only eliminates flash steam, but uses high latent heat vacuum steam, saving up to 10% total steam operating cost over other manufacturers.

The TH750 can be designed to accept up to 150 psig steam based upon application.

Consult your Thermaflo Representative or Thermaflo Factory Design Group for more information.