• ASME VIII body and bonnet bolting design
  • Meets NACE – MR0175/ISO15156T3500

Applications and Industries

  • A wide range of process applications
  • Diverting, mixing and combining in a variety of steam, liquids and gases

Features and Benefits

  • Various construction design available with a range of different end styles and constructions
  • Excellent shut off capabilities, Class V (metal seat) and VI (soft seat)
  • Characterized trim offered in Equal Percentage and linear
  • All trim components are removable for easy maintenance
  • High integrity guiding system
  • Low emission packings available
  • Stable flow control with high range-ability
  • Top guided control and erosion resistant trims
  • Precision Cv flow passages ensure capacity
  • Rugged Upper Guide and seat ring guide

Product Literature and Submittals

Consult factory for certified dimensions and construction submittal, the drawings on the website are for reference only.