ThermaFlo Incorporated - TH-500ZX Zero Flash Water Heater

TH-500ZX Zero Flash Water Heater

Accepts Up to 130 psig Steam
This eliminates those large steam pressure reducing valve stations and saves up to 40% over conventional installations. The single seated balance trim control valve controls both temperature and steam pressure in the shell without pneumatics. All TH-500ZX units have ASME Safety Valves.

Saves Energy Eliminating Flash Steam to Atmosphere
The TH-500ZX fully condenses the latent heat BTUs and discharges condensate below boiling point at atmospheric pressure eliminating flash steam. No additional flash tanks are required and condensate can be discharged directly to an electric or pressure powered condensate return pump system. Up to 5% of the steam can be saved!

Fully Electronic Integrated & Hydronic System Compatible
The TH-500ZX Electronic Controller interfaces with BACNET, Modbus, Lonworks and many other BMS protocols so that temperature can be reset, remote start, and feedback points are available to the user. In addition this system can be used with all VFD drive hydronic pumping systems for a complete integrated system. Flows to 1200GPM.

Product Literature and Submittals

Consult factory for certified dimensions and construction submittal, the drawings on the website are for reference only.