ThermaFlo Incorporated - PD Parallel Downflow Spray Tray Type Deaerator

Thermaflow Engineering’s design group has standard and custom PD Series systems featuring engineered feed-water pumps, pressure and level controls and UL-Listed control systems. They are built to specification packages to meet your system needs with the following features offered:

  • ASME Code Section VIII design, construction and stamped;
  • Complete X-ray, post-weld heat treatment and Mag particle available;
  • Engineered support stands and catwalks with seismic certifications;
  • Engineered boiler feed water pumps of various types, flows and pressures;
  • Fully-integrated PID Level, pressure and pump controls; UL Listed complete.

Product Description

Thermaflo Engineering PD Series Parallel Downflow Jet Spray Deaerators are fully engineered package deaerating systems offered in a range from 5,000 lbs/hr to 650,000 lbs/hr. The standard dual-tank system features a removable top deaerating section from the lower storage tank, but low-profile “tank car” systems are also available.

The unique “Parallel Down-flow” Design allows for oxygen removal to 0.005 cc/1 under all specified operating conditions using saturated or superheated steam. The stainless steel “Accuspray Hollow Cone” spray valves and heavy-gauge stainless steel trays are engineered to last many years in the most rigorous service.

Product Literature