ThermaFlo Incorporated - THCS-V Vertical Clean Steam Generator

The THCS-V Vertical Clean Steam Generator has the following features:

  • Vertical compact “Instantaneous Cross Flow” design, eliminating carryover and pressure drops due to load changes;
  • 316L or carbon steel ASME Code Stamped “UB” shell;
  • Full-removable 316L stainless steel, copper or cupro nickel U-tube cross flow bundles;
  • Internal steam baffle impingement plate, ensuring quality steam over operating range;
  • Fully-integrated PID pressure and level controls in a UL Electrical panel;
  • Complete automated blow-down controls;
  • Fully-piped and insulated with metal jacket covering;
  • Fully-tested and certified package system on “actual steam conditions.”

THCS-V Vertical Clean Steam Generator

The Thermaflo Engineering THCS-V Vertical Clean Steam Generator has set the new standard in clean steam generator performance and output quality. The unique “cross flow” instantaneous design provides quality steam and a generation load reaction time which is second to none in the industry.

Feed-water is introduced in the lower section of the shell via a fully-modulating control valve. This flow is directed across the U-tube inner bundle in a “cross flow” path. There it is intensely heated instantly to its saturation point and begins the steaming process. As the feed-water liquid begins to boil off the steam, the entrained last water droplets are directed over the end of a clear bundle, which dries out the clean steam to a high-dryness fraction.

The top of the THCS-V contains a full impingement separator ensuring dry, high-quality clean steam out to the users. These features produce quality, clean steam over high and sudden load changes. It does this without carry over, pressure lag and droop seen in other competitive tubes in tank-type designs.

The plant steam head has been specifically designed for low-velocity. It features a weep hole drain so that condensate does not build on the inlet side as plant steam is introduced into the “cross flow” bundle via a modulating control valve.

Product Literature

Consult factory for certified dimensions and construction submittal, the drawings on the website are for reference only.