Clean Steam Generator

The THCS-H Clean Steam Generator has the following features:

  • Carbon steel or 316 stainless steel ASME “UB” Code stamped shells; ASME Section VIII stamped;
  • Carbon steel, copper, cupro-nickel and complete 316L stainless steel inner U-tube, 2-pass heating bundles designed for steam generation;
  • Internal baffle plate separator to ensure 99% dry quality clean steam, enhancing system head transfer;
  • 3” thick high-efficient fiberglass insulation for shell with metal jacket;
  • UL Listed complete system controls featuring PID controls, alarms and readout interface with building systems;
  • Thermaflo BV Series “Fully Electron” Fail-Safe Steam Control Valve featuring 100:1 flow turndown and modulating control: High-temperature water available;
  • Modulated feed-water control valve for precise level control and dry quality steam;
  • 316 Stainless steel magnetic level gauge and level controller with blow-down eliminates gauge glass and leaking fittings.
  • Complete blow-down controls featuring surface automatic blow-down valve, sensor and controller. Lower blow-down tandem ball valves.

THCS-H Horizontal Clean Steam Generator

The THCS-H Horizontal Clean Steam Generator is designed to produce clean steam from the shell using a higher pressure plant steam or HTHW tubes. Clean steam is used in humidification, pharmaceutical, sterilization and food processing applications.

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