Clean Steam Generator

The THCS-H Clean Steam Generator has the following features:

  • Carbon steel or 316 stainless steel ASME “UB” Code stamped shells; ASME Section VIII stamped;
  • Carbon steel, copper, cupro-nickel and complete 316L stainless steel inner U-tube, 2-pass heating bundles designed for steam generation;
  • Internal baffle plate separator to ensure 99% dry quality clean steam, enhancing system head transfer;
  • 3” thick high-efficient fiberglass insulation for shell with metal jacket;
  • UL Listed complete system controls featuring PID controls, alarms and readout interface with building systems;
  • Thermaflo BV Series “Fully Electron” Fail-Safe Steam Control Valve featuring 100:1 flow turndown and modulating control: High-temperature water available;
  • Modulated feed-water control valve for precise level control and dry quality steam;
  • 316 Stainless steel magnetic level gauge and level controller with blow-down eliminates gauge glass and leaking fittings.
  • Complete blow-down controls featuring surface automatic blow-down valve, sensor and controller. Lower blow-down tandem ball valves.

THCS-H Horizontal Clean Steam Generator

The THCS-H Horizontal Clean Steam Generator is designed to produce clean steam from the shell using a higher pressure plant steam or HTHW tubes. Clean steam is used in humidification, pharmaceutical, sterilization and food processing applications.

Product Literature

Consult factory for certified dimensions and construction submittal, the drawings on the website are for reference only.